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Restaubid.com - Restaurant Auction Company

Spcializing exclusively in Restaurant Sales and Liquidation. GET TOP DOLLARS FOR YOUR RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT.

With a database of over 20,000 bidders nationwide providing your assets maximum exposure.

Nationwide shipping as far west as Hawaii and as far east as New York. We guarantee your asset WILL NOT sell cheap!

Restaubid.com is the ONLY auction company that GUARANTEES you a certain dollar amount within 1% margin of error.

We are all about Jimmy…

1- Exclusivity in Restaurant Auctions
2- Accurate Appraisals
3- Top Dollars for Your Restaurant Assets
4- Nationwide Selection of Restauranteur Bidders
5- Restaurant Brokerage Solutions

No other company gives you these GUARANTEES!


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Rake In The Most Money Out Of Your Assets

You know you will make the most money when you sell your business as an operating business. If you’re not pressed on time, let us advertise your restaurant on our site at no cost to you until it sells. Why?

Restaubid.com gets over 1000 daily hits on its website. Due to our specialization in the field of food industry, the exposure your business gets is astounding.

Your business will also get incredible exposure due to our marketing campaigns with Restaurant Brokerage Firms, Google, Facebook, Twitter and a handful of other restaurant brokerage websites.


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The Best Ad is Word Of Mouth

Some of our customers are counties, cities, strip malls, attorneys, bankers, insurance agents who have acquired the assets of a restaurant through liens or tax defaults.

But the best business we’ve gotten so far is word of mouth.

If you know someone who wants to sell their restaurant or liquidate the assets of their restaurants, fire things up and give us a call! We have paid referral fees up to $5,000 on a single referral.


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Donít work for free. Get your commission check!






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